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Simpsons Episode 9 Season 6
Homer steals candy at candy converntion and everyone stars chasing him. Home stops at the exit, kicks a Buzz Cola machine to get a can of pop, rips the tab off with his teeth, and puts the packet over the can and shakes it. “See you in hell, candy boys!” he calls, lobbing it into the crowd. Homer continues to run in slow motion and the doors shattering behind him with the force of the fiery blast.
Scrubs TV, Episode 118 Season 6
Ted and Keith put together Pop Rocks and Cola to test the popular urban legend that mixing the two will create an explosion... drawing a parallel to having a baby?
Urban Legends - The Movie
Rebecca Gayheart and Joshua Jackson star in a movie scene about the Pop Rocks folklore. See what happens when you mix soda or what doesn’t happen

Pop Rocks Sighting
Who is wearing the Pop Rocks T-Shirt? Hint: Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine: Answer: Brad Wilk
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