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Why do Pop Rocks pop?

Pop Rocks is like other hard candy and the ingredients include sugar, lactose (milk sugar) corn syrup and flavoring. But Pop Rocks are processed with Carbon Dioxide.

The ingredients are heated together and boiled. The hot sugar mixture is mixed with carbon dioxide gas at about 600 PSI. The carbon dioxide gas forms tiny, 600 PSI bubbles in the candy.

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Once it cools you release the pressure and the candy shatters, but the pieces still contain the high-pressure bubbles (look at a piece with a magnifying glass to see the bubbles). When you put the candy in your mouth, it melts (just like hard candy) and releases the bubbles with a loud POP! What you are hearing and feeling is the 600 PSI carbon dioxide gas being released from each bubble.

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Why do Pop Rocks pop?
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More FAQ on Pop Rocks

Q: Can you help me on my chemistry homework?
A: No, go to your parents or teacher

Q: Are Pop Rocks Gluten-Free?
A: Yes

Q: Are Pop Rocks kosher?
A: No

Q: Are Pop Rocks made with nuts?
A: No, Pop Rocks do not have nuts or tree nuts in the candy. According to Zeta Espacial S.A, Pop Rocks are not made in a facility that has nuts or tree nuts.

Q: I need Pop Rocks by a certain date.
A: Normally upon ordering, Pop Rocks will arrive within a week. Sometimes it takes less, sometimes more. We ship from NJ, so if you are located in NY or Boston, you can expect it faster. If you are on the west coast, you can expect it a little longer. If in doubt, please call 479-685-0158 and we can give you an estimated time of arrival.

Q: But it took more than a week.
A: Yes, that can happen because of holidays, higher than expected demand or backorders. Please see previous question.

Q: Do you ship overnight?
A: Yes, but call early. We do have a delivery cut off time. It costs extra. Or have your Fedex number ready.

Q: Can you donate Pop Rocks or sponsor our event?
A: As you can imagine, we get many requests for donation and sponsorship and although we would like to help all, we can not. You can always ask. The worst thing that can happen is we say No. However, we can provide a discount for non-profit organizations and other worthy causes.

Q: I have a cool product idea using Pop Rocks, what can I do?
A: Submit it to us, you never know!

Q: My Pop Rocks solidified and lost the popping effect.
A: Yes, it can happen if you expose it to miosture or humidity. warehouses the Pop Rocks in a climate controlled environment. If you purchased product from us; please see answer below. If you purchased at a retailer, please return it to place of purchase.

Q: I want to return the candy.
A: Purchaser may return unopened product at their cost within 14 days of receipt. We will not refund or reimburse any shipping fees for any reason. Sorry, that's the rules.

Q: Pop Rocks & Meth
A: Likely another urban legend. Details here

Q: Do you ship outside the USA?
A: Sometimes. If you are willing to pay extra shipping fees which can amount to more than the candy - Ouch!

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