Harry Potter's Pop Rocks Potion

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Harry Potter's Pop Rocks Potion

Potion Instructions -  Please do not share this just anyone.  This is for your eyes ONLY.

1.  Get a small cauldron and fill it half way with H2O, or water (Dixie cup or a test tube will do too.)

2.  Pour in the Pop Rocks and you will start to hear the popping sounds, that's because it's releasing the essence of euphoria, also known as CO2 or Carbon Dioxide.  As you add the Pop Rocks, say "Pop Rocks, let me hear, the future is near"

3.  Pour in a teaspoon of the crystalline powder of NaHCO3, also known as Sodium Bicarbonate, or in layman's terms; Baking Soda.  Bakers use this chemical compound to make their bread spirits rise.  When you add the the Sodium Bicarbonate, say "Give me a notion of the Pop Rocks potion"

4.  Add a few drops of food coloring.  You can use the off the shelf type at your local store, but you may want to try a natural food coloring.  Beet juice is a common natural coloring agent.  A specialty item is Cochineal, a red dye extracted from the female cochineal insect, Dactylopius Coccus found in South America.  It is also known as Natural Red 4 and molecular formula is C22H20O13.

Organic or natural food coloring may not give you a strong color change, but it increases the power of the potion. As you add the coloring, say "The professors are strange, let the color change"  (Note:  "Parents" can be substituted for "Professors" and will have equal efficacy.)

5.  Put some Citric Acid into the cauldron and watch the potion bubble up and fizz
out of control.  Lemons have a high concentration of Citric Acid, C6H8O7.  Cut a Lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the concoction.

As you add the last ingredient, you need to make up you own phrase to activate the Potion.  An example is "I drink this potion to make me fast in motion", but don't use it.  It's been used in the PopRocksCandy.com laboratory so much that its lost its effectiveness.

If you performed the potion in the exact manner stated above and if the ingredients are in the right amounts, please be prepared with paper towels.  You may need to experiment with different ingredient amounts to get the right chemical reaction.  Don't call us, we have given you all the information we have about this very powerful and very secret Potion.  Please do not share this just anyone.  This is for your eyes ONLY.

If you interested in the knowing more about an advanced science experiment involving the Titrimetric Determination of Carbon Dioxide in a Heterogeneous Sample, please call us at 479-685-0158

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