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The legend is simple. If you eat Pop Rocks with soda, then you explode. Coke is the favorite legend, but others say milk, root beer, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Zima or Mountain Dew.

Urban Legend:  FALSE
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Mikey Likes It!
Mikey from the Life cereal commercials hates everything, except Pop Rocks. He gorges himself with the candy (He's rich from doing the commercials and spends all his money on Pop Rocks) and washes it down with a soda. The chemical reaction in his stomach causes an eruption and he explodes.

Urband Legend:  FALSE
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More to note: The actor who played Mikey is ALIVE and prefers to remain anonymous. He currently works as an attorney in the New York city area.
Kellogg's Limited Edition PowerPuff Girls cereal packs Pop Rocks for an extra punch
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